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Smilesonic GO ensures the highest possible protection against bacteria that attack our oral cavity every day. It has been equipped with three modes, and the set includes two exchangeable basic DailyCare heads. The products aesthetics ideally complement the design of every bathroom. Smilesonic GO features an efficient battery which lasts for up to two months after a full charge. The device also has two timers which significantly facilitate the everyday hygiene of the oral cavity.


The device is capable of operating at the amazing speed of 96000 movements per minute. It’s very easy to use even for absolute beginners as there is only a single button. The regular use of Smilesonic GO toothbrush will not only help remove bacteria from the oral cavity, but it will also visibly lighten your teeth, polish enamel and even – in the case of persons with hypersensitivity – improve the overall state of the gums.

Three modes to choose from

  • Clean – the basic mode responsible for the removal of bacteria accumulating in the oral cavity every day. It also minimises the risk of tartar formation. The toothbrush operates with the speed of 82000 movements per minute.
  • White – this mode is for people who dream about a Hollywood-style smile. Thanks to special technology, it allows for the effective removal of sediments responsible for discolorations. The toothbrush operates at its maximum speed of 96000 movements per minute.
  • Sensitive – the mode is for those that suffer from hypersensitivity or are only just beginning their adventure with sonic toothbrushes. Delicately yet effectively, the device removes bacteria from the oral cavity, operating at the speed of 62000 movements per minute.

The toothbrush is equipped with the function to save the previously used mode, which means that after it is switched on later we do not have to select the mode again.

Two heads included in the set, many choices of additional heads with different properties

The set with Smilesonic GO includes two basic DailyCare heads, but the toothbrush is able to operate with four different types of heads. These include:

  • DailyCare – the basic head responsible for the daily removal of bacteria from enamel. It also ensures fresh breath.
  • ShinyWhite – this head has whitening properties. Thanks to its special profile, the bristles effectively deal with sediments that cause teeth discoloration.
  • SensiTouch – the head is dedicated to those with hypersensitivity problems. Its delicate bristles operate non-invasively and do not cause additional irritation. At the same time, they provide ideal protection for the oral cavity.
  • OrthoClean – the head was designed for those that use orthodontic braces, bridges and crowns. It is excellent at cleaning not only prosthetic fillings, but also interdental spaces.

The set with Smilesonic GO includes two DailyCare cleaning heads. Different, additional heads can be purchased separately.

Bristle wear indicator

The heads of the product are equipped with a special indicator for bristles. It is very simple: the colour of bristle fibres fades away gradually, suggesting the time when the head should be replaced. Thanks to this system, you do not have to keep track of the three-month “life cycle” of the heads.

Two timers facilitate the daily hygiene of the oral cavity

Similesonic GO has been equipped with two timers, making everyday hygiene of the oral cavity easy and comfortable. The first timer is responsible for measuring the two-minute duration of brushing, recommended by dentists (after this time, the toothbrush switches off). The second is a 30-second interval which every half a minute reminds us of the need to change the cleaning area of the oral cavity. These solutions minimise the risk of some parts of the oral cavity being less clean than the other.

Long-lasting battery – up to two months without recharging

The device is equipped with a 600 mAh lithium battery and, using the Sensitive mode, it is capable of functioning for up to two months after fully recharged! The recharge time is from 9 to 16 hours. The necessity to charge the device is indicated by special diode.

The set includes:

  • Smilesonic GO handle
  • 2 DailyCare heads
  • Induction charger
  • Manual

24-month warranty

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