Smilesonic EX sonic toothbrush


The Smilesonic EX toothbrush guarantees thorough protection of the oral cavity against bacteria, plaque and other everyday sediments. It features 5 modes, and the set includes 4 exchangeable heads with different properties. The elegant and modern design of the product makes it ideal for any interior. Thanks to the included travelling case and the small size of the charger, Smilesonic EX is also a perfect travelling companion.


The device is able to operate with the maximum speed of 96000 movements per minute. Some of the advantages of the brush, apart from the everyday removal of bacteria from the oral cavity, include teeth whitening, enamel polishing and the strengthening of the gums. This sonic toothbrush has been equipped with a high-capacity battery that lasts up to two months without charging. The toothbrush also includes two timers, which significantly improve the everyday hygiene of the oral cavity.

As many as 5 brushing modes to choose from

The device offers five brushing modes, depending on the individual needs:

  • Clean – the mode is designed for two-minute, everyday hygiene of the oral cavity. It removes bacteria accumulated on enamel surface. The brush moves with the speed of 62000 movements per minute.
  • Sensitive – the mode allows for the gentle cleaning of teeth and gums, it is particularly recommended to persons with hypersensitive teeth and those who have never used a sonic toothbrush before. In this mode, the device operates with the speed of 62000 movements per minute.
  • Gum Care – the mode combines the removal of bacteria from teeth as well as gum massage. The brush operates with the speed of 62000 movements per minute.
  • White – this is a special whitening mode that allows for the removal of sediments responsible for discolorations. The toothbrush operates at the maximum speed of 96000 movements per minute.
  • Polish – the mode is dedicated to those who would like to polish their enamel and make it shiny before an evening out. The brush operates at the speed of 70000 movements per minute.

4 different heads for everyone

The set includes four different heads, each ensuring even better care of the oral cavity:

  • DailyClean – medium bristles, excellent for the everyday care of the oral cavity.
  • ShinyWhite – hard bristles, designed with the White mode of Smilesonic EX in mind. It helps teeth recover their natural, white colour.
  • SensiTouch – soft bristles, provides comfortable hygiene of the oral cavity to persons suffering from hypersensitivity, as well as to those that are just beginning their adventure with sonic devices.
  • OrthoClean – features long bristles, designed for persons that have orthodontic braces, dental bridges, crowns or other prosthetic fillings. It is also great at cleaning interdental spaces.

Every head has been equipped with a special indicator of bristle loss, showing when the head should be replaced with a new one.

Let time measure itself!

Smilesonic EX is a device that ensures maximum comfort. The device is equipped with two timers, providing best possible care of the oral cavity.

The first timer is responsible for measuring the two-minute time of cleaning the oral cavity, as recommended by dentists, after which the device shuts down automatically. The other is a 30 second interval, which notifies us every half a minute about the need to change the cleaning area of the oral cavity. Both timers ensure that we do not have to go through any additional cleaning.

Efficient battery

The product is equipped with an efficient battery, which allows for up to two months of cleaning after a single charge (when using the basic Clean mode). The energy level is indicated by an LED diode located at the front panel. Charging time is between 7 and 16 hours.

Take your toothbrush with you on your travels

The set includes a hard travelling case thanks to which the device and its heads can be comfortably transported when travelling. Now we can begin effectively fighting caries in any place around the world!

The set includes:

  • Smilesonic EX handle
  • 4 different heads
  • Induction charger
  • Travelling case
  • Manual

24-month warranty

Additional information


Black, White, Blue, Green, Red


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